Matt and I had been together about 3 ½ years.  I had been giving some not so subtle hints that I wanted him to propose and he of course was dragging his feet.  All of our friends and family (who hadn’t been together as long as us) started getting engaged.  So naturally I was upset with Matt and thought it was never going to happen. We had looked at rings in the past but Matt never asked, so I just gave up.

The morning of my birthday, January 9, I had to be up early to travel to Illinois for work.  This morning I woke up around 5am because I could smell something burning.  I ran into the kitchen to find Matt standing there around a hundred tea-light candles and dozens of flowers.  On our kitchen table was a giant Happy Birthday balloon and a little white box from Jared’s. I kept thinking to myself “oh my gosh this is it and I’m standing here in my underwear!” He tells me to open the box, and I do….looking into the box I do not see a ring but what looks like diamond hoop earrings. I HATE hoop earrings.  I put the box back down and said “Thanks for the earrings, but I have to get on the road” and got dressed and left for IL.

Of course I called my mom and complained to her about Matt dragging his feet and taking forever, after this long of being together if you don’t know by now then stop wasting my time. My mom told me to calm down, that he is probably just nervous.  I spent the whole day so mad that he made hoop earrings this big elaborate show.

Around 6 pm I get home, still mad, I tell Matt to let me know when it’s 6:30 because we were going to dinner with my parents at 7. Like any man, he forgets and I’m hurrying to get out the door.  I’m waiting for him in the laundry room telling him to hurry up.  He tells me that he has to talk to me about something… He says “I lied to you today” I said “Awesome, now let’s go” Matt proceeds to tell me that when I called him during lunch he was actually at lunch with my parents….and he starts to get on one knee. About this time I can’t believe what’s going on and I think it’s a joke so I repeatedly say “shut up” over and over until he finally tells me to shut up and let him propose. And finally pulls out a white box with a sparkly diamond ring in it, and a second box with the hoop earrings that are actually wedding bands. I screamed, of course, loud enough for neighbors to hear.  I immediately call my sister, best friend, and my grandparents to let them know.  We walk into the crowed restaurant, as soon as I spot my dad I scream “I’M GETTING MARRIED!” The whole restaurant claps, which I didn’t expect, but I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself.  I was on cloud 9 that night…I definitely learned the saying “Good things come to those who wait” is something everyone needs to live by.

We are getting married on October 25 at Evansville Country Club and couldn’t be more excited!